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How to change a baby's diaper

Baby diapers have become indispensable helpers to modern parents and constant companions in the life and growth of young children. The quality of the diaper and how properly it is chosen and worn largely determines the mood and comfort of the baby. We can safely say that the diaper directly affects the quality of life of both the baby and his parents.
If you have a first-time baby, and you've never had to deal with diaper changes before, you should study this text carefully. It will help you avoid problems with your baby's skin, diaper leaks, and the cleanliness of your baby's surroundings. At first the diaper change will take you some time, but later you will become a real master of this business and you will change diapers quickly and easily.
You should also keep in mind that there are small nuances that make the diaper changing process different for boys and girls.

What you will need at all times when changing a diaper:
- First of all, the diapers themselves. It is desirable that they were quite a lot - the minimum stock should be, at least, for a day. This is necessary so that you are not faced with the surprise that the diapers ran out, and in the nearest store the right size/quality/manufacturer is not available. You should have enough time to buy exactly the right diapers for your baby. It is more convenient to store diapers in the package in which they are sold, and out of the reach of your baby. But in a way that makes it easy and convenient for you to take them.
- Baby wet wipes to quickly get baby's skin in order. If you are not a fan of sanitary wipes, you will need warm water, a soft sponge, and a diaper or towel to wash and wipe your baby.
- Baby cream or oil to avoid diaper rash. If they do appear, you can use special ointments, thick diaper creams or baby powder.
- A flat pad, a thin mattress, a towel or blanket on the changing table or on the surface where you will change the baby so that it is not hard. To keep them from getting dirty, cover them with a disposable diaper on top.
- The changing table itself. It is desirable that it has high sides, so that the baby does not roll away. If there is no changing table - no problem. You can use any flat surface, just cover them with a disposable diaper. There are moms who sit and change diapers with their children, keeping them on their outstretched legs. This isn't a bad option either, especially if you are in an environment where there is no changing table or other surfaces to put your baby on. However, this option will require some skill on your part.
- Small packing bags and a trash can with a lid. By packing the used diaper in a bag and throwing it in a bucket with a lid, you will avoid an unpleasant odor in the room.

What happens when you change a diaper. Step-by-step instructions.
1. Lay the baby on his back, preferably with a diaper or something absorbent. Remove his used diaper. Wrap it inside with its contents and then tape it to seal it. Then wrap the diaper in a plastic bag to eliminate the smell and throw it in the trash.
2. thoroughly wipe the baby's skin under the diaper with wet wipes or lukewarm water. Always do these procedures from the front to the back, to prevent fecal residue from getting into the baby's urinary tract.
If you see redness or diaper rash, treat these areas with a thick layer of special cream or baby powder. If there is no diaper rash, it is still recommended to treat the baby's skin with baby oil or cream every time you change the diaper.
4. Open and unwrap the clean diaper. Gently lift the baby's lower body by the legs and place the clean diaper underneath. The colored markings should be on the front. Then pull the front of the diaper between your baby's legs and place it on his or her stomach.
5. Glue the fastening tape on both sides of the diaper and make sure you don't tighten it too tight or too loosely. Put two fingers between the diaper and your baby's tummy. The tongues should be positioned symmetrically and the "pants" should be turned outward.

Peculiarities of diaper changes, depending on the gender of the baby
Do everything as above. Boys love to pee as soon as they feel free of the diaper. Therefore, it is advisable to cover your baby's penis with a lightweight disposable cloth during the diapering process so that you don't get anything around it wet. Also, when you put the diaper on the boy, put his penis down to prevent leaks. Don't forget to treat all the folds of the baby carefully, including under the scrotum.
Follow the instructions above. But be sure to wipe or wash your baby from the front to the back. This way you can reduce your baby's risk of urinary tract infections. - They are especially common among girls. Don't forget to gently clean your baby's skin in the folds.

Diapers are an ingenious invention which makes life much easier. And Kokoshi diapers are the best solution for babies and their parents. The most important thing is to remember the peculiarities of the structure of girls and boys, change diapers on time and keep their skin clean and dry.