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How do you choose the right diapers for your baby?

If you have a baby, you will need diapers for the next couple of years. Lots of diapers! They will become an integral part of your life and the life of your baby. Of course, the question immediately arises, but what are the best diapers? And by what criteria should they be chosen? What kind of diaper should be, in which your baby will feel dry and happy, both during play and sleep?
To choose the "right" diaper, there are many factors to consider, but the most important ones are probably:
  • absorbency,
  • hypoallergenicity,
  • durability,
  • a comfortable fit.
All Kokoshi diapers have a soft surface, gentle breathable hypoallergenic material that will come into contact with your baby's skin, a powerful absorbent layer, excellent leak protection, elasticity and comfort. The internal fluid absorption system is able to retain moisture inside the diaper for 12 hours.
We advise you to carefully study how Kokoshi diapers are constructed, learn about their unique properties, and familiarize yourself with the size grid in order to make the right choice.
The size S (2) is designed for infants and kids, whose weight does not reach 6 kilograms. Everything is thoughtfully designed to keep your baby's skin soft, dry and healthy. The soft shock-absorbent and very absorbent layer of non-woven fabric protects against leaks and diaper rash, and reliably protects the baby's skin from the inner part of the diaper, where the liquid accumulates.
The moisture indicator will change color when the diaper is full. This will be the signal for changing. A gentle and pleasant outer coating of the diaper was developed by Kokoshi manufacturers so that the skin of your baby at the contact points with the vahny part of the diaper could breathe. The diapers do not contain any synthetic fragrances or lotions, which preserves the healthy, natural microflora of your baby's skin.
Has your baby grown and become more mobile? Time to change his diaper size! The size M (3) is designed for kids whose weight ranges from 5 to 10 pounds. Diapers in this size are provided with an extra absorbent layer so your baby can sleep through the night. The sturdier fasteners are designed to keep the diaper from slipping and staying in place while turning the baby over and playing active games. Similar to the previous size, the wetness indicator changes color when the diaper is full, but the absorbency of the diaper is much higher than in the previous size.
The next size 4 (L) is designed for even more agile babies whose weight ranges from 9 to 13 pounds. The diaper cuffs are soft and gentle, ensuring a snug fit and no leakage, and the fill indicator will change from yellow to blue. Babies weighing up to 13 pounds are usually already very mobile, so diapers of this size are highly durable, flexible, comfortable and absorbent.
And finally, the largest diaper size Kokoshi 5 (XL) is designed for babies weighing 13 pounds or more. At this age, the child is already mastering the independent use of the potty, so in addition to all the above features, diapers of this size have higher strength and are equipped with reusable clasps, so you can, if necessary, take them off and put them on several times.

Many babies don't like the process of changing diapers. Kokoshi has made sure that your baby will not only enjoy the process, but love it. Each diaper size is accompanied by a beautiful and gentle character that will make changing a baby's favorite activity.